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UP Platform Tools

Jawbone Developer Tools

These tools are maintained and supported by Jawbone. If you have any issues/feedback on these tools, please email

UP SDK for iOS -- Provides an Objective-C interface for integrating iOS apps with the UP API.
API Version: 1.1.5
UP SDK for Android -- Provides Java interface for integrating Android apps with the UP API.
API Version: 1.0

UP Sims

UP Sims is a tool that allows you to create an UP user account and simulate data without having an UP tracker. Simulate steps, sleeps, and heart rate data by simply pushing a button.

  1. Log into your Jawbone Developer account ("Sign in" on left menu of this page)
  2. Once signed in, select your app in the left menu under "Applications" (or create a new app if you don't yet have one)
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Application Details page and click "Enter UP Sims"
  4. Once you're there, simply click "Create a user" and you'll be given credentials that can be used to log into the UP app

Log into the "UP by Jawbone" app (purple icon) with the provided Email and Password to view the data.

Community Tools

These tools are created and maintained by 3rd parties. Jawbone does not support these tools directly, but they are listed here as a convenience for our developer community. If you have any issues/feedback on these tools you should contact the tool owner directly. We are always open to feedback or new community tool suggestions at

UP API Authentication Demo using Node.js
API Version: 1.0

By: Max Utter
Node.js Library for Endpoint Calls (does not manage OAuth 2, but see Auth Demo above).
API Version: 1.1

By: Ryan Seys
Third-Party API Console -- Make API sample calls and see returned data immediately.
API Version: 1.0

By: Mashape