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Want to work with the UP Platform? Harness the power of step, activity, food, and sleep tracking to build your own products and experiences. We've got a thorough set of APIs and tools to get you excited and creating things in no time.

It's easy and you can work with UP in three ways:


Connect your web product to UP using our REST API. Learn the process and get started now.


API Endpoints


Are you an app developer? We have tools to get you UP and running quickly.

UP SDK for iOS

UP SDK for Android

Open Device Platform

Interested in connecting your hardware product to UP? We are too. We're working on creating new ways for your product to become part of the UP experience.

Learn More and Contact Us to get involved.

Why build on UP?

The UP Platform is not your typical health data repository. It enables the exchange of data in order to extend and augment the UP user experience and support complementary services. This can include data aggregation and visualization, gaming, marketing, rewards provisioning, and much more.

Other reasons to build on UP include:

  • Three different integration options
  • Access to real-time data and events
  • Understand user context and affect behavior change
  • Multiple engagement surfaces for users to interact with your product
  • Monetization opportunities


Features of the UP Platform include:

  • Open to all developers
  • Two-way API -- write into UP and read from UP
  • OAuth 2.0 authentication
  • Pub-Sub for handling system messages
  • SDKs and other tools

Key Principles

Key principles governing the use of the UP API:

  • The data belongs to the user. We are stewards of the data and have an obligation to protect it and use it responsibly.
  • Data can only be collected with explicit user permission. Only collect what you need and only use it as you say you will.
  • User must have a mechanism to disable access and to request that any collected data be deleted.

Use of the UP API is governed by the UP API Terms Of Service. By using the API, you agree to these terms and conditions.


For questions and technical support, feel free to contact us:


Twitter: @JawboneDev

To view the status of the platform including any open incidents, visit API Operational Status.

Research Support

If you are conducting a study or research project, consider partnering with Jawbone. For more details, please read about Jawbone's Research Participation.