Ruby Cross UP3 & Blue Twist UP3

Buy it for what it does. Wear it for how it looks.

Wear it. Live it. Love it.

Wearing a tracker can change your life. And we've made UP3™ so lightweight, comfortable and stylish, you'll never want to take it off. Over time, the benefits of tracking your sleep, activities and heart health will become second nature.

UP3 bands
Screenshot of Heart Health features of the UP App

Heart Health

UP3™ is designed to give you a complete picture of your heart health. Resting Heart Rate gives you your baseline when you wake up. Passive Heart Rate is measured throughout the day and helps you understand how the habits of your daily life affect your heart. Learn more

Screenshot of the Advanced Sleep features of the UP App

Advanced Sleep

You spend a lot of your life asleep. If you get a good night's sleep tonight, you're going to have a better tomorrow. Your body will be refreshed and your mind will be sharp. UP3™ tracks your sleep automatically measuring Deep, Light and REM, and gives tips to help you get a better night's rest, one night at a time.

Screenshot of a Smart Coach insight in the UP App

Smart Coach

It's where the magic happens. It's a personal trainer who knows you like a friend. Smart Coach encourages you to make informed healthy choices and helps you celebrate along the way. The best part? The more you wear your UP3™, the more personalized Smart Coach becomes.

Screenshot of the Activity Tracking features of the UP App

Activity Tracking

Activity tracking with an UP3™ is the intelligent way to know how much you're walking and moving. It's the bedrock to understanding your desired calorie burn for maintaining or losing weight. And, by adding friends for a little friendly stepping competition, you don't have to go it alone.

  • Food Logging

    The UP® App stores menu items for thousands of places. Result? You get a food score that helps you evaluate your nutrition.

  • Teammates & Duels

    Add teammates and challenge them to a friendly step competition. It's powerful motivation to keep moving. Learn more

  • Idle Alerts

    Set it and you won't forget. UP3 gives you a gentle vibrating reminder to get you up and going.

  • Smart Alarm

    Smart alarms can be set to gently wake you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle so you wake feeling refreshed.

We're very proud of how we put this together

UP3™ is packed with technology. Advanced sensors. Proprietary algorithms. Bluetooth. Power management. We don't recommend taking it apart, but if you did, you'd see an amazingly complex device in an equally amazing, comfortable-to-wear form factor.

Exploded view of UP3

Don't take our word for it

  • My favorite fitness tracker! It looks great, automatically monitors everything from sleep patterns to heart rate to workouts, and gives you personalized advice based on your exercise and diet goals.

  • The chic, customizable Jawbone UP3 fitness tracker is advanced in monitoring your sleep patterns, workouts, and pretty much your every move.

  • But at the end of the day, the UP bands are easily among the best out there—and for my money, the UP App is the most well-designed, comprehensive and helpful app of its kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is UP? What does it do?

    UP is not just an activity tracker—it's a revolutionary, integrated system that incorporates advanced hardware, sophisticated algorithms and data science to better understand your behaviors and habits. Through an in-depth analysis of your eating, activity and sleep patterns, UP is able to intelligently help you make better choices and achieve your goals smarter and faster. You can try out the UP® App for free by downloading it in the the App Store and Google Play. You can also add a tracker like an UP3™ to receive more detailed data and more personalized health insights.

  • How does UP3™ measure my heart rate?

    The UP3™ tracker uses bioimpedance sensors to capture both your Resting Heart Rate and Passive Heart Rate for a holistic view of your heart. The sensors measure the resistance of skin tissue to tiny electric currents.

    Measured once per day before you wake up, Resting Heart Rate is one of the best indicators of overall heart health, while Passive Heart Rate is measured throughout the day when your body is still and shows how your heart responds to daytime stress, caffeine and other stimuli.

  • How does UP3™ track my movement and activities?

    The UP3™ tracker uses a precision motion sensor and powerful algorithms to passively track and quantify your activities, distance, calories, active time, and idle time. The UP® App then calculates calories burned based on your age, gender, height and weight, along with activity intensity and duration.

  • Will it work if I cycle, do yoga, or other non-step-based workouts?

    The UP® App allows you to log the duration and effort level of a variety of different workout types, so you get credit and estimated caloric burn for non-step-based activities.

  • How does UP3™ track my sleep?

    The UP3™ tracker uses bioimpedance sensors to automatically track your sleep and measure heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature, galvanic skin response as well as an accelerometer to detect four distinct stages of sleep: Wake, REM, Light and Deep.

  • How does UP track what I eat?

    You can easily log your meals in the UP® App by searching popular foods, using the barcode scanner and restaurant menu search or by simply taking a photo of your meal. UP stores nutritional information for thousands of foods and has given each item a 1–10 Food Score to help you know if you are eating right. The UP® App will track your meals over time and together with Smart Coach, make recommendations for healthier eating.

  • What is the band made of?

    The UP3™ band is encased in medical-grade, hypoallergenic rubber. It is smooth, flexible and completely latex-free. Inside, the band contains sophisticated technology so treat your band with care and avoid unnecessary bending.The top and bottom casings are made of anodized aluminum.

  • Does the UP3™ device contain nickel?

    All Jawbone products are produced under strict quality assurance and quality control procedures that surpass both European and International legislations and standards for consumer products, in particular the EN1811 standard for nickel release. The UP3™ casing is made of anodized aluminum and contains less than 0.5% nickel. When the device is worn on the wrist, the bottom casing does come into contact with the skin. Those who are severely allergic to nickel may experience some irritation when wearing UP3™.

  • Is it water resistant? Can I wear it swimming?

    The UP3™ band is rain, splash and sweat-resistant. However you should remove your UP3™ before showering, swimming, surfing or exposure to other extreme conditions and activities like saunas and steam rooms. Do not submerge your UP3™ in liquids, including hot tubs or baths, at any time.

  • How long does the battery last? How do I charge it?

    The UP3™ tracker lasts up to an industry-leading 7 days on a single-charge. Your device comes with a USB charger that can be plugged into a computer USB port or standard USB wall adapter. A full charge takes approximately 60–90 minutes.

  • How does UP sync?

    The UP3™ tracker syncs wirelessly using Bluetooth®, so you never have to worry about plugging it in to upload your data. UP connects to most iOS and Android devices.

  • What devices are compatible with UP?

    Check out the current UP device compatibility list.

  • What data is stored on my tracker, in the app, or on my phone? Can I control what is shared? What if I want to delete my data?

    The band captures your activity and sleep data. Once synced, all of your data is stored in the app or in the Cloud. We've made it easy to manage your privacy settings from within the app so you decide what data is shared with your friends in UP. You can also delete your data within the app or from your band at any time.

  • How does Jawbone protect my privacy?

    Jawbone believes your data belongs to you. It will never be shared without your permission. We take the responsibility of protecting your data and privacy seriously. You must accept a friend request in order for any of your data to be shared, and you can also choose what information is shared. You can read more about our Data Privacy Policy here.

  • Is UP connected to Facebook or Twitter? Can I share my UP data through my existing social networks?

    You can post your activity, sleep, and food summaries through Facebook and Twitter. You can share your favorite insights with people via text, email, or Facebook. And through the UP App, you can add friends and challenge them to Duel, which makes meeting your health and fitness goals even more fun.